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I’m so behind on blogging for my boudoir sessions! Sorry I have been neglecting this blog! I have tossed around the idea of making a private Facebook group for ladies only so that I can show more images there (and potentially even with faces!!). I will still post here to get the good blogging mojo, but I’d love the chance to be able to show off more images privately, especially since my makeup artists do such a beautiful job making my clients look their absolute best. Today is kind of a throwback, since these photos were taken LAST YEAR, but I loved some of the outfits this lovely lady chose, especially her plaid lingerie set that is a nod to the “school uniform” look and makes me think of early Britney Spears!! :)

sexy legs with wedge heels
show off those legs with lingerie
schoolgirl boudoir look with plaid lingerie
booty shot with red plaid and black lace
cleavage photo with coffee cup

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