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  • Welcome to Champaign Boudoir!

    My name is Holly, and I love making beautiful photographs! I especially love taking photographs of people and making them feel beautiful. Boudoir sessions are great women of any shape, size, or age. Let loose and show off your feminine and sexy side! It's my goal to make you feel comfortable & at ease in front of my camera. I can help you plan your session -- your outfits, hair & makeup, props & furniture and even your facial expressions. I take the utmost care to protect your images and your identity and do not typically show the faces of my clients online unless through a password-protected gallery.

    I'd love to sit down and chat with you about photographing your boudoir session, your hesitations, and your expectations. I love what I do and I hope that shows!

    Contact me today at the link above to get started!

Boudoir products available | Folios, books, and albums

I’ve had several people ask lately if I could explain the difference between all the products available on the “Pricing” page of my website. I totally understand that it can be confusing, so I thought I’d just provide a little photographic help. Some of the photos have black boxes to protect the innocent but hopefully still give you a good idea of what each item looks like. I can definitely set up a time to show them to you in person though if you’d like to see and feel them up close! Remember, too, that you can use your $30 credit from your session toward any of these options.

My personal favorites are the new folios. They come in sizes 5×5″, 8×8″ and 8×10″. Pricing begins at $80.

My soft-cover books are a new addition to the repertoire. These are not as high-quality as the hard-cover books, but they are a sometimes more affordable option. Pricing begins at $65. All books have 20 pages.

My press-printed hard-cover books are actually the same as my wedding parent albums. They have your choice of black, brown, or dark red cover. Pricing begins at $200. (No inside images of this one available.)

My premier flush-mount albums are my top-of-the-line, highest quality boudoir albums on the market. These have a TON of cover options (just a few of which you can see below), and pricing begins at $325 for a 5×5″ (standard is 8×8″ for $495).

Below are just a few of the many cover options and combinations. Emotion yellow with matte black racing stripes & spine imprinting.

Green boa

Brushed champagne


A sampling of cover swatches. I will have new ones in in about 3 weeks!

Mrs. M | Urbana boudoir photography

Mrs. M has been a friend of mine for a few years now, and she had been intrigued by my posts about boudoir sessions. She decided to take the plunge and do a session in my studio space – CU Studio Share. So, loyal blog readers, you before witnessed a boudoir session with a mom to 5 children, and you are now witnessing a session from a mom of triplets. I am loving the confidence and empowerment that the women of Champaign-Urbana are showing. Let’s do some more this spring — who’s up for it? :)

Save $50 off your session | Valentine’s day boudoir photography

Just in time for Valentine’s Day… save $50 off your boudoir session when you book by Feb. 1. Sessions are normally $250, so they will be $200 for this limited time offer available starting today! We can meet at the boudoir studio inside CU Studio Share, where I have lots of cool white furniture, backdrops, and a white fur rug. :) Feel free to bring a couple friends and some champagne and make a party out of it!

With your session fee, you will receive 1.5 hours in studio, up to 5 outfit changes, and a $30 credit toward one of the items listed below. Sessions will be edited within 5 days, so you have enough time to order goodies for your sweetheart before Feb. 14. Little black books are available in various options:
8×8″ press-printed album: $200
5×5″ flushmount press-printed album: $325
8×8″ flushmount press-printed album: $495
(Books take 4-5 days to design, plus 3 days to order & ship.)
Disc of 10 images: $250
Disc of ALL images: $450
Prints are available in varying sizes starting at $15 each.
Canvases are available starting at $130.

Email Holly or call today 217-737-0971 to set up your Valentine’s Day session with Champaign Boudoir!

Ms. A | Downtown Urbana boudoir photography

I love Ms. A simply for the fact that she wanted to do a boudoir session just for herself! What a cool idea! She too met me at the new CU Studio Share for her session, where we have lots of cool furniture, including a bed, various backdrops, and a white fur rug. The weather outside may be frightful, but schedule a boudoir session this winter in our cozy studio!

Emillerk - 10/02/2014 - 3:35 pm

You are awesome, Holly! Might have to contact you when we are in the area!