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  • Welcome to Champaign Boudoir!

    My name is Holly, and I love making beautiful photographs! I especially love taking photographs of people and making them feel beautiful. Boudoir sessions are great women of any shape, size, or age. Let loose and show off your feminine and sexy side! It's my goal to make you feel comfortable & at ease in front of my camera. I can help you plan your session -- your outfits, hair & makeup, props & furniture and even your facial expressions. I take the utmost care to protect your images and your identity and do not typically show the faces of my clients online unless through a password-protected gallery.

    I'd love to sit down and chat with you about photographing your boudoir session, your hesitations, and your expectations. I love what I do and I hope that shows!

    Contact me today at the link above to get started!

Miss E | East Central Illinois boudoir photography

Miss E is getting married in a few weeks, and wanted to do a boudoir session for her soon-to-be husband as a wedding gift. I was happy to oblige! She did a great job picking out her outfits, accessories and makeup. I think the new Mr. will love it! And as always on the blog, I am now showing any faces, but I wish you all could see some of my favorites WITH her face! So fabulous! She definitely rocked the serious face and flirty poses!

The full-images version of this one is uh-maze-ing. And probably my favorite of the whole set.

Another favorite!

Miss S | Urbana-Champaign boudoir studio photography

Father’s Day is coming up! Miss S wanted a unique gift for her husband, so she came into the studio for a nice, understated boudoir session. She chose just one lingerie/bra-type outfit, and instead opted for more casual outfits, including a pair of everyday pajamas and a black dress. All great ideas!!

Bride-to-be Urbana Boudoir | Miss K

Wedding season is just around the corner, and with it usually comes a bunch of new brides-to-be who want a unique and personal gift for their husbands-to-be. Miss K is getting married in just a couple months, and though she was nervous about doing the session, she absolutely knew this is what she wanted to do as her wedding gift. I’m so excited for her, and happy with the way these turned out. Now I’m off to put her book design together!