Miss H | Champaign-Urbana boudoir photography

Miss H came to me a few days before her first anniversary and wanted a sweet and sassy little gift for her hubs. We were able to do a super-fast turnaround on her images and get her a 2-image matted folio just in the nick of time. (The folio with sapphire cover was GORGEOUS… I am kicking myself for not taking a few snaps of it before I handed it over to her!)

You may have noticed that I typically don’t show the faces of my clients, because I wanted to protect their anonymity. I still feel that way to a certain extent and with some clients, but I am happy to show you Heather’s images with her beautiful smiling face in tact (with her permission of course)! I should note that I will still absolutely honor any client’s wishes to not show their face.

I love that Miss H didn’t really wear any lingerie, but her femininity and sexiness totally came out anyway! She also appealed to her husband’s likes and interests by wearing one of his favorite t-shirts, and some camouflage hunting gear since he loves to hunt. I am also a big fan of her brand new shoulder tattoo. Enjoy!

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