Illinois boudoir photographer | Mini sessions in hotel setting

I’ve cut back a bit on the number of hotel boudoir mini sessions I’m doing throughout the year, and trying to disperse them during the times of the year that most people ask — right before Valentine’s Day, right before wedding season, and right before Christmas! It seemed to have paid off as I had a full slate of beautiful women signed up for my May mini sessions, and they brought their “A” games!

We had everything from Cubs jerseys to comic book underwear to hot heels to lacy and racy robes to the super sexy bra and panties sets. As always, Brittany did a fabulous job on everyone’s makeup, tailoring it to their specific wants and needs. I can’t wait to see what the November mini sessions this year bring!!

Cubs jersey and leather jacket boudoir
wedding veil boudoir with white lingerie
superhero panties green lantern comic book
sassy heels and off-shoulder sexy sweater
boudoir photo with nursing profession
wedding veil with Batman garter
Cubs jersey boudoir with engagement ring
red lace lingerie set boudoir
red lace boudoir with pearls
neon pink panty and bra set for boudoir
black lacy panty set with black silk robe boudoir
black high heels with lace panties set
dog tags images with peek-a-boo bra boudoir

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