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I’ve had several people ask lately if I could explain the difference between all the products available on the “Pricing” page of my website. I totally understand that it can be confusing, so I thought I’d just provide a little photographic help. Some of the photos have black boxes to protect the innocent but hopefully still give you a good idea of what each item looks like. I can definitely set up a time to show them to you in person though if you’d like to see and feel them up close! Remember, too, that you can use your $30 credit from your session toward any of these options.

My personal favorites are the new folios. They come in sizes 5×5″, 8×8″ and 8×10″. Pricing begins at $80.

My soft-cover books are a new addition to the repertoire. These are not as high-quality as the hard-cover books, but they are a sometimes more affordable option. Pricing begins at $65. All books have 20 pages.

My press-printed hard-cover books are actually the same as my wedding parent albums. They have your choice of black, brown, or dark red cover. Pricing begins at $200. (No inside images of this one available.)

My premier flush-mount albums are my top-of-the-line, highest quality boudoir albums on the market. These have a TON of cover options (just a few of which you can see below), and pricing begins at $325 for a 5×5″ (standard is 8×8″ for $495).

Below are just a few of the many cover options and combinations. Emotion yellow with matte black racing stripes & spine imprinting.

Green boa

Brushed champagne


A sampling of cover swatches. I will have new ones in in about 3 weeks!

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